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Cinematography Résumé



                                      GALLOWS ROAD - Director of Photography, Aledo Film Group, (Bill McAdams, Jr. - Director)

                            DALLAS - Director of Photography - 8 Episodes over 3 Seasons, TNT - (Mike Robin - Executive Producer)


                            THE GOOD GUYS - Director of Photography - 1 Episode, Fox Television, - (Matt Nix - Executive Producer)

                            DARK CIRCLES - Director of Photography, Lions Gate, (Paul Soter - Director)

                            THE ANARCHIST COOKBOOK - Director of Photography, Innovation Film, (Robert L. Brown - Ex. Prod.)

                            ICE HOUSE - Director of Photography, Cactus Films, (Melissa Gilbert - Executive Producer)


              DALLAS (PILOT) - 2nd Unit DP/Additional Camera Operator - 1st Unit, TNT (1st Unit DP - Rodney Charters, ASC, CSC)

          BATTLE: LOS ANGELES - Additional 2ND Unit DP, Sony Pictures (1st Unit DP - Lukas Ettlin)

          SHRINK - 2ND Unit DP/A Camera Operator 1st Unit, Lions Gate/Trigger Street - (Kevin Spacey - Prod.) - (1st Unit DP - Lukas Ettlin)

          NEVER BACK DOWN - 2nd Unit DP/B Camera Operator 1st Unit, Summit Entertainment - (1st Unit DP - Lukas Ettlin)

          GLORY ROAD - Add’l Cinematography/DP, Technocrane Camera Operator, Disney - (DP -  Jeffrey Kimball, John Toon)

          THE YEAR OF GETTING TO KNOW US - 2nd Unit DP/B Camera Operator, First Look Int’l - (1st Unit DP - Lisa Rinzler)

          SORORITY ROW - 2ND Unit DP/C Camera Operator, Summit Ent. (Bill Bannerman - Co-Producer) (1st Unit DP - Ken Seng)

          6 SOULS - 2nd Unit DP/C Camera Operator, NALA Films, (Bill Bannerman - Co-Producer) (1st Unit DP - Linus Sandgren)

          FANBOYS - 2nd Unit DP/Operator,  Weinstein Co. - (1st Unit DP - Lukas Ettlin)

          THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING - 2nd Unit DP/B Camera Op 1st Unit New Line - (DP - Lukas Ettlin)

         RUFFIAN -2nd Unit DP/Operator (Horse Racing), ESPN MOW - (1st Unit DP - David Franco)

         SLAP HER, SHE'S FRENCH - Add'l Cinematography/DP, Buena Vista - (1st Unit DP - C. Minsky, ASC/Roberto Schaeffer, ASC)


         PAINTED HERO - 2nd Unit DP, Cabin Fever - (1st Unit DP - David Bridges)




                                                                                                          CAMERA OPERATOR - FEATURES AND TV

            BOYHOOD - Camera Operator, IFC Films - (Rick Linklater - Director) (DP - Lee Daniel, Shane Kelly)


                           GOOSEBUMPS - A & B Cam Op 1st Unit - Greenscreen & Aerial Unit DP, Sony - (N. Moritz - EP) (DP - Javier Aguirresarobe, ASC)

                           BONNIE AND CLYDE - B Cam Op 1st Unit/Splinter Unit DP - Sony - (Bruce Beresford - Director) (DP - Francis Kenny, ASC)

                           DALLAS - A & B Cam Op/1st Unit DP/2nd Unit DP, 3 Seasons, TNT - (Michael Robin - EP) (DP - Rodney Charters, ASC, CSC)

                           PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS - B Cam Op/1st & 2nd Unit, Fox - (B. Bannerman - Prod) (DP - Shelly Johnson, ASC)

                           THE GOOD GUYS - A & B Cam Op/Add’l 1st Unit DP/2nd Unit DP - 22 episodes FOX TV (DP - Brian Reynolds, Buzz Feitshans IV)

                           FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - A Cam Op(2 Episodes) (Cam. Op. numerous episodes) NBC - (DP - David Boyd, ASC/Todd McMullen)

                           SHRINK - A Camera Operator 1st Unit/2nd Unit DP, Lions Gate/Trigger Street (Kevin Spacey) - (DP-Lukas Ettlin)

                           TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN - C Camera Operator 1st Unit, Summit Pictures (DP - Guillermo Navarro, ASC)

                           BATTLE: LOS ANGELES -  C Camera Operator 1st Unit/Additional 2nd Unit DP, Sony Pictures (DP - Lukas Ettlin)

                           CONTRABAND -  B Camera Op 2nd Unit, Universal (Mark Wahlberg) - (1st Unit DP - Barry Ackroyd/2nd Unit DP - Igor Meglic)

                           TEMPLE GRANDIN - B Camera Operator, HBO Films - Won 8 Emmys out of 14 nominations, (DP - Ivan Strasburg, BSC)


                           THE PERFECT GUY - B Camera Operator 1st Unit/2nd Unit DP, Screen Gems - (David Rosenthal - Director) (DP - Peter Simonite)


                           LIFE AT THESE SPEEDS - B Camera Operator 1st Unit/2nd Unit DP, Culmination Prods - (Leif Tilden - Director) (DP - Gary Shaw)


                           GCB PILOT - B Camera Operator, ABC Television (DP - Matthew Jensen)

                           TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA - Camera Operator - Nominated for an Emmy for Camera Work, (DP - David Rudd)

                           PLAYING THE FIELD - C Cam Op, Millennium (Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurmond) - (DP - Peter Menzies, Jr., ACS)

                           THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA - B Camera Operator 1st Unit/2nd Unit DP, Lionsgate (DP - Yaron Levy)

                           THE KILLING ROOM - Additional Camera Operator, Eleven Eleven Films - (Timothy Hutton) - (DP - Lukas Ettlin) Sundance 2009

                           YEAR ONE - Camera Operator 2nd Unit, Columbia Pictures - (1st Unit DP - Alar Kivilo, 2nd Unit DP - Charles Libin)

                           WELCOME HOME, ROSCOE JENKINS - Add’l 2nd Unit DP/Operator, Universal Pictures - (DP - Greg Gardiner)

                           NEVER BACK DOWN - B Camera Operator/2nd Unit DP, Summit Entertainment - (DP - Lukas Ettlin)

                           SERVING SARA - A Camera Operator/2nd Unit DP, Paramount - (DP - Robert Brinkman)

                           KEYS TO TULSA - A Camera Operator, PolyGram/Gramercy, James Coburn - (DP - Robert Fraisse, AFC)

                           AMERICAN OUTLAWS - A Cam. Operator 2nd Unit - (1st Unit DP - Russell Boyd, ASC, ACS/2nd Unit DP - Rob McLachlan, CSC)

                           THE ALAMO - Additional Camera Operator, Disney (anamorphic) - (DP - Dean Semler, ASC, ACS)

                           PRISON BREAK - Camera Operator, FOX - (DP - Bobby LaBonge, Fernando Arguelles)

                           THE ROOKIE - B Camera Operator, Disney, (anamorphic) - (DP - John Schwartzman, ASC)

                           THE PARDON - B Camera Operator, River Dream Prods., Super 35, 2.35:1, - (DP - Matthew Irving)

            THE REAPING - Additional Camera Operator, Warner Bros. - (DP - Peter Levy, ASC, ACS)

                           A HOUSE DIVIDED - B Camera Operator, Touchstone - (DP - Joel Ransom)

                           FANBOYS - B Camera Operator/2nd Unit DP, Weinstein - (DP - Lukas Ettlin)

                           SAVING JESSICA LYNCH - B Camera Operator/2nd Unit DP, NBC MOW - (DP - Joel Ransom)

                           UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN - B Camera Operator, J.C. Van Damme - (DP - Michael Benson)

                           THE NEWTON BOYS - Additional Camera Operator, 20th Century Fox  (anamorphic) - (DP - Peter James, ASC)


                           WALKER-TEXAS RANGER - B Camera Operator/2nd Unit A Camera Operator - (DP - Fernando Arguelles/Rick Anderson)

                           HEAVEN HELP US - B Camera Operator, Aaron Spelling - various episodes - (DP - Jerry Callaway, SOC)


The Society of Camera Operators (SOC)

Int’l Cinematographers Guild - Local 600 (DP and Operator)

Nat’l Executive Board of the International Cinematographers Guild

Texas Motion Picture Association

Texas Film Commission



Javier Aguirresarobe, ASC

Maxime Alexandre, AIC

Rick Anderson

Russell Boyd, ASC, ACS

Robert Brinkman

Jerry Callaway, SOC

Rodney Charters, ASC, CSC

Peter Collister, ASC

George Spiro Dibie, ASC

Lukas Ettlin

Buzz Feitshans IV

Robert Fraisse, AFC

Levie Isaacks, ASC

Matthew Jensen

Francis Kenny, ASC

Peter Levy, ASC, ACS

Yaron Levy

Rob McLachlan, ASC, CSC

Chuck Minsky, ASC

Peter Menzies, Jr., ACS

Guillermo Navarro, ASC

Joel Ransom

Brian Reynolds

John Schwartzman, ASC

Gary Shaw

Peter Simonite

Dean Semler, ASC, ACS

Ivan Strasburg, BSC


Bruce Beresford

John Lee Hancock

Reginald Hudlin

Wayne Isham

Jonathan Liebesman

Peter Markle

Tim Matheson

J. Michael McClary

Kyle Newman

Jonas Pate

Michael Robin

Jordan Susman

Jeff Wadlow